Vanessa Bartalesi - Stylist - @vanessa_bartalesi

Vanessa Bartalesi is a freelance creative director and stylist from Florence. She attended the Instituto Marangoni, where she graduated in Fashion Styling and artistic direction. She is mainly focuses on artistic and creative direction, letting herself be inspired by what surrounds her and always experiencing new fields. Artistically speaking, her aesthetic is quite flexible, inspired by the daily life and everchanging visions.

The veiled lady


Photographer: Vincenzo Russo (@vincenzorusso__)
Styling and Creative Direction: Vanessa Bartalesi (@vanessabartalesi_portfolio)
Make up: Giulia Petreni (@giulia_petreni)
Designer: Siria Giampietro (@siria_giampietro)
Model and agency: Adina Goanta, Esprit Model Management (@adina_goanta)



Fallen from the sky. From an unknown world he lands on confused earth. Collects from the water some polaroids that illustrate the most polluted places in the world. So he decided to eradicate the problem at the root, creating fashion outfits with the places, people and money that polluted the world. Humanity uses pollution to create fashion and make money, he cleans the earth by creating fashion with those who usually destroy it.
At the end of this short trip he will wake up realizing it was all a dream and a premonition of his next actions. This story is accompanied by atmospheric music inspired by the film stranger things and the layout reflects the idea of the upside-down focus of the film’s plot.

Photographer: Vincenzo Russo (@vincenzorusso___)
Styling and Creative Direction: Vanessa Bartalesi (@vanessa_bartalesi)
Videomaker: Simone Stinà (@simonestina)
Soundtrack production: Giulio Iozzi
Model: Manuel Casini (@manuel_casini)
Make up & Hair : Manuel Casini (@manuel_casini)
Designer: Giacomo Nasi (@macrajak)
Project for: Istituto Marangoni / Instagram: @istitutomarangoni_firenze

Who am I?


This is a special project based on the revisiting of the black and white theme. Petra is one person who in this fashion editorial grows from the earth like plants and as if they were twins. She duplicates herself by deluding the reader into who it really is. also a mirror of a current society.

Photographer: Ruggero Lupo Mengoni (@ruggerolupo)
Styling and Creative Direction: Vanessa Bartalesi (@vanessabartalesiportfolio_)
Model: Petra Ceseri (@jekhyd)
Make up: Giulia Petreni (@giulia_petreni)
Hair Style: Giancarlo Parisi (@gianka2)
Produced for: Istituto Marangoni (@istitutomarangoni)
Designer: Ambra Meineri (@ambra_meineri) Fabio Lonardi
Brands are: Ambra Meineri (@ambra_meineri), Fabio Lonardi (@lonardifabio)



In this quarantine the web “saved us” with the zoom platform for smart working, with social networks to shorten distances. What if it was all the other way around? if it was the web that was in quarantine and we the spectators? Inspired by the works of Lorna Simone exhibited at TATE that recall the typical daily scenes of a quarantine, a set of web codes take on the human form and are transformed into a humanoid that slowly becomes human. The humanoid becomes a designer by building garments created with the pieces of his skin, to create quarantine confy garments with the prints of the pieces of his body.

Art Director / Styling Vanessa Bartalesi (@vanessabartalesiportfolio_)
Designer Collab Manuel Calabrese (@lemanuel_)
Digital project in quarantine
Videomaker Micol Locci Cipriani (@micolloccicipriani), Vanessa Bartalesi (@vanessabartalesiportfolio_)

P H O E N I X _ S E S S I O N _20


Photography @ruggerolupo
Art Direction & Styling @vanessa_bartalesi
Make up @giulia_avarello_makeup
Model @bigtreyeight_r4l
Agency @castingfirenze
Special thanks @istitutomarangoni_firenze
Designers: @mircohepburn, @giacomonasi_ and @andreagrossiworld



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