Ugo Ianaro - Fashion Designer - @ugoianaro

Ugo Federico Ianaro is an Italian designer. He was born in 1998 in Matera where he completed his high school education in science, then moved to Florence to study fashion design at Polimoda. Chapter IV: il Sartorialismo d.U. was born from the desire to highlight an art that in recent years has been almost set aside thanks to automation: the meticulous work of the tailor. Although technology is doing huge steps, “inventors have neglected the fact that no machine can give a correct measure of a flexible substance like the human body, because a piece of wood, leather or metal cannot feel as the hand does, whether the pressure or stretching is hard enough, which is an essential thing in measuring. Any man, whatever his build, can always be measured with the greatest accuracy by means of the common inch-tape”, as Christopher Breward says in “The Suit: Form, Function and Style“. Through the realization of this campaign, Ugo wanted to point out the dedication with which the tailor takes care of every detail of the creation of every garment using the concept of stratification. In order to do that, he decided to underline, and so to bring to the outside of the garments, the shapes, the seams usually hidden, fabrics such as crine and canapino.

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