We create bridges.

We support emerging designers and brands.

We give them the possibility to create their identity through the development of their collection, with the ultimate goal of selling their design.

Your collection. Built.

We develop entire collections or parts of them according to the designer's needs. From drawings to the final sample, we’re your team.

We have different ways to make it happen. According to your needs, priorities and starting point, we modify our way to work with designers and brands in order to answer different needs and goals.

Dadsit works with open-minded technician that are open to work on different aesthetics and difficulties.

We can work from merch to show-pieces, the goal is to make it happen.

Opportunities for Talents.

We do not work with production minimums.

We also take care of sampling a single piece while for the production of larger quantities we have third-party companies that can also satisfy this need.

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Join Dadsit

If you are a creative looking for support, collaborations or project development

PR and Showroom

Professional look-book

Rent garments services for photographers, stylists, artists, performers

Custom-Made Social publication and presentation on dadsits’ social channels (instagram, facebook and pinterest’s pages);

Physical and digital showroom with a personalized website page explaining your collection, references, research, outfits, personal aesthetics and so on;

Technical Support

Pattern-making and prototyping


Fabric manipulation

Fabric and accessories research

Production and printing services
(through third parties)

Custom-Made and made to measure


We produce what we sell.

We will have some selected products from different designers on our e-commerce.

The ultimate goal is to give you the chance to be on stage and be in competition in a word where quality is the highest value.

Through our e-commerce and our sustainable-production-way, we take the risks.

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