Spaghetto Kriminale by Giacomo Nasi

At the beginning of the 21st-century, the American dream was the ultimate goal for countless Southern Italians. During this time, the Italian stereotype was born and movies like “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas” revealed the black-hearted world of the mafia, underlining social discrimination. Giacomo uses materials such as paper, aluminum, leather and plastic to mimic the glamour of luxury in environments where it is still unknown, with an added focus on prints inspired by the Baroque era.


Paper anorak “DIRTY MONEY” short sleeves, “dirty money” pant and melted and printed mirror jacket. The ”dirty money” fabric is made up of paper bank- notes sewn individually and treated with vynavil to achieve the leather effect. The mirror jacket once sewn was printed and worn by the heat as a symbol of past ostentation.


POLAROID plastic/paper double-breasted short sleeves, double face ta- ped pant, kitchen print shirt and 24 hours “DIRTY MONEY” bag The “polaroid” fabric (artwork “identità e stereotipi” made by @monica_cattani )follows the same treatment about the “dirty money” fabric; in this case the fabric is covered with a layer of adhesive plastic.


Cowboy aluminum jacket, leather green pant, “DIRTY MONEY” printed cotton shirt and picture suitcase. The jacket is made of paired of jersey and aluminum and cowboy fringes are made of shoe laces.


Leather printed coat, mirror pant, black cotton shirt and green leather bucked hat. The printed coat represents the desire to expose one’s Italian spirit in a grotesque and humorous way.


White cotton rib double-breasted, “POLAROID” printed cotton shirt and “POLAROID” plastic/paper pant. The double-breast is made of unstitched a reassembled vests with a “spaghetti” pocket on the right side.


Mirror “gun pocket” military trench coat, cowboy aluminum pant and “GUN” printed bag. The mirror fabric wants to be a symbol of eccentricity that has led us to emphasize only materialism and wealthiness as a measure of success and/or happiness.

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