Sara Paduano - Fashion Designer - @sarapaduano_

Sara Paduano studied Fashion Design at Ferrari Fashion School. The concept behind "Human vs Nature" collection is the denunciation of the destruction of Mother Nature by man, who feels superior and the owner of the planet Earth, exploiting it and using it without consent. Mother Nature, however, always proves to be stronger and superior to catastrophe, and reborn each time stronger than before, resistant and immortal like the Ivy that grows back on abandoned houses. She therefore created garments where you can see this Nature taking back its own space, growing and climbing through dyes, embroideries and eco-sustainable, natural and non-polluting applications. With this collection she intends to open the eyes of as many people as possible so that they can observe, without preconceptions, the cruelty that overwhelms and engulfs us day by day in this technological age made up of consumerism and globalization.

Inside DADSIT since 2022

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