Out of socks by Giulia Baratti

Giulia Baratti’s collection comes from the need of celebrating the 95th anniversary of the family firm and from her grandfather’s tales. He narrates that, during the II World War, his mother was managing the business with a team entirely made by women, due to the men enlistment. During that period, primary sources and raw materials were scarce, and her great-grandmother had to recycle socks scraps known as “bigoi”, from the toe sewing. All waste were recycled, ripped and used as raw materials for new socks, farmers tops or other products. From these stories came the designer’s desire to propose an old and ancient technique in a revisited and modern way. The goal was to create something beautiful, reliving her great-grandmother emotions and feelings, combining tradition, innovation and femininity, enhancing the body shapes with tight fittings. Playing with the techniques and manipulating materials, Giulia Baratti managed to share feelings that take us back in time. Through her collection, she gave voice to many different personalities, going from sculpted bodies enhanced with stiff materials, to soft and lighter details that allow women to express herself, until transparent nylon and thin knitwear that celebrate freedom. These concepts are the basis of the “Out of socks” collection, entirely realized with recycled materials and dyed with turmeric and other natural products.

Look 1

The first garment of “out of socks” collection was born from small draping that recalled the shape of the breast, it was then developed like a tube around the curves of the mannequin, recreating a smooth silhouette that follows the shape of the body. This is the garment composed by up-cycled socks made of cotton and chenille which encloses the essence of the whole collection.

Look 2

The nylon socks are mixed with small cotton circles giving life to a new a unique fabric. The piece has a strong soul and a light body, however, its heart remains the main feature of every dress in the collection which is represented by the drapery on the breast.

Look 3

The heart of the second look are the draperies that turn on themselves, arise from the breast and accompany the entire length of the garment. The circle linings of the soft white cotton socks in this case have been dyed in turmeric creating a warm nuance that alternate with transparencies. It stands out for its determination. It stands out for its grittiness.

Look 4

The bustier hidden under the intertwining of mesh and circle linings characterizes the fifth outfit. The contrast between the strength of the slats and the softness of the shirt breaks the constant lightness of the other dresses.

Look 5

The socks go back to being knitwear. In an ironic way the scraps of the socks are reproduced on a large scale and assembled as if they were still small circles. The knitwear perfectly wraps the curves of the body of a confident woman.

Look 6

The merging of nylon stockings and small circle linings creates a garment that appears delicate and aggressive at the same time. The skeleton is made up of rigid draperies which are completed by the lightness of the nylon stockings.

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