ONLY IN YOUR MIND by Lucia Garofalo

The collection is about an episode that happened in a place that has a very strong duality for me. "The starting point is a strong panic attack that I had while I was at my grandmother’s house in Naples, a place that is dear to me but at the same time ‘unknown’ and ‘far away’ from my habits. I found myself ‘stuck’, unable to go back to my house, this is the strongest sensation I wanted to represent. I felt trapped in a place that became more and more narrow until I became an integral part of it in every aspect: from its walls and wallpapers to the layering of the sofa covers. The more time passed, the more I became the house with all its peculiarities." Lucia said. The fabrics and materials in the collection are linked to the tapestry world and the various details that furnish an old southern house, damask blankets, old picture frames, carpets and hand-painted mugs with flowers. She want to convey is a sense of anguish and anxiety that changes, is in constant movement until it becomes cohesion and harmony, always with a look at the past and a hope to the future.


Trench coat in damask fabric overprinted with floral pattern hand-drawn, draped and locked with ribbons on neck and wrist, stretch hand-embroidered tulle body with "tattoo" effect. Asymmetric pants with crossed strap and legs with double layer of fabric that recall the theme of the wallpaper stratification. Handbag made with damask coasters.


Outfit composed by elastic tulle jumpsuit hand-embroidered "tattoo" effect. Shirt in jacquard tone on tone, sleeveless and draped with multiple necks and cuffs that want to represent the various layers of wallpaper when is ripped. Skirt/carpet draped softly on the body and entirely hand-embroidered with the cross stitch technique. Shoes decorated with the decupage technique. Bag with beads and long fringes hand ambroidered. Earrings created with dried flowers covered with resin glass.


Double-breasted coat represents the wallpaper that comes off the wall and envelops the body creating volumes and folds, in damask fabric overprinted with floral motif designed by hand. "Dancing with granny" shoes. These shoes narrate me as child dancing on my grandmother Lena’s feet and highlights our two personalities.


The Jacquard Piquet knitted panel was made to simulate the classic damask centerpieces, also thanks to the contrast of hairy threads for the background and plate ones for the flowers, which wraps the body with soft drapes and excess of fabric that like the coat, they create volumes and folds.


Outfit composed by trench coats in different fabrics unstructured and draped. Hat-pillow hand embroidered with floral motifs, shoes covered with pieces of carpet and its fringes.


Look composed by six layered outerwear that want to remember the several cushions covers of the grandmother’s house sofas, all of different colors and materials. At the same time this outfit wants to represent the feeling of oppression and immobility and becomes an integral part of the home, in this case the sofa. The shoes were made imagining me to walk on the fruit collected by my grandfather in the countryside.

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