Nicolò Tocco - Fashion Designer - @bennystanco

Nicolò Tocco is an Italian designer from Carbonia, Sardinia. The inspiration behind IO IN TERRA (Overprocrastination Team) is lazyness, being it often seen as a social stigma. His theory is this one, when a problem occurs everyone tries to solve it, some try until they actually find a solution some others fail the first try and they just give up, it's a matter of willpower. To represent this theory on his garments he moved the focus from the subject to the object, from the human to the inanimate, the garments that he wanted to make were destroyed, broken and ripped to reflect their surrender. The initial idea was to create a metaphor of the Parthenon with his clothes, beautiful but falling apart. The whole process behind the making of this project he felt it as a rebirth both for the garments that he used to make it and for him as a person and a designer. It is his own private bildungsroman, the final stage of this collection is for the spectators, they’re meant to embrace lazyness and join the Overprocrastination Team©️.

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