HYSTERIA by Francesca Palma

"Hysteria is a medical condition or general state of extreme fear and panic. When hysteria sets in, people tend to behave out of control, they may become violent or have difficulties perceiving reality. " Francesca says. The Isteria collection came about as the result of designer’s past issues in managing her emotions during a troubled time in her life. Francesca set out to translate the experience into a tangible product, and in doing so expressing her emotions through something concrete. She believe our experiences and past traumas are part of what make us unique, therefore they should be implemented in the creative process. The unfortunate reality for women is still to struggle with a society that forces or pushes them to match a ‘perfect’ image, an ideal standard, thus repressing their true nature more often than not. Expressing individuality is a key concept for Francesca, who as a designer would prefer to highlight her bold innovations and her courage, rather than being afraid of judgment. All of Francesca’s fur items are 100% natural fur recycled from vintage garments. All the garments in the collection are in fact biodegradable, a statement to Francesca’s pure goals and her eco-friendly vision.


Recycled red fox fur mixed with dyed lapin, bomber jacket. Natural leather “garter”, wide leg, violet pants with contrast viscose lining and stitching.


Black and orange, natural leather oversized gilet. Recycled marmot fur, high knee boots.


Wool and mixed recycled yarns, handmade knitted jumper/sweater. Natural leather, ‘garter’ black suit, with contrast viscose lining and stitching.


Recycled fabrics and chains, handmade “knots” midi dress. Recycled marmot fur boots.


Recycled golden jackal fur mixed with dyed grey wolf fur, full length coat.

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