HIJ/2022 by Ginevra Allegri

"Happy in Jail 2022 is project born by noticing my generation (Gen Z: born between 1997 – 2012) addiction to smartphones and a personal worry I had towards the new generations." Ginevra says. Through reading a books about that, she found out was so scary that she decided to create an informative collection made of garments you can literally read (text prints are on garments), with the aim of informing as many people as possible about the side effects of over-using the smartphone. There infact are several kinds of side effects: physical, psychological and social ones. "What is evident from my researches is that people who is addicted to their smartphone tends to be de-pressed, antisocial and prefer to stay in their bed, living a virtual fake life." Ginevra says. The collection mainly consists in big, comfortable garments that cover the body and are somewhere draped like blankets do when we sleep.


Outfit 1 is composed by a big quilted black jacket, which has long sleeves that you can open or close through the use of a zip. The inside of the jacket is dig-itally printed: the print consists in a long blue text, of grey back-ground, explaining the sides ef-fects of overusing smartphones. Under the jacket you have what I call “the xanax dress”, iconic gar-ment of the collection. The dress is inspired by the Xanax’s sides effects pape, both in the rectangular shape, and in the print and aim of the object: to warn people about some risks. Text is digitally printed and con-tains a qr code that leads to the pdf of the text. Under the dress there’s a little white cotton dress, with long, white jersey sleeves attatched.


Outfit 2 is composed by a coat, a shirt and a pair of bermuda. The coat is in a compact cotton and consists in two pieces that can be worn separately. The white cotton shirt is oversize, and has a big, longer panel on the left side and a big, high col-lar, similar to that of the coat’s. Sleeves’s seams are twisted and cuffs have holes for the thumbs. Bermuda are made in a beautiful wool gauze, yarn dyed, micro design.


Outfit 3 consists in a scarf, a jumper and a pair of trousers, which have shoes attatched to them. Both the scarf and the jumper are knitted by me, on the manual knitting machines. The scarf is coupled and has a text handmade print, on it. The message says: “Smartphone abuse in your 0-30s (when your brain is still developing) lowers your IQ ; 1 year of education can raise your IQ from 1 to 5 points and sport regenerates neurons.” The jumper is 100% cachemire and has an hand-made, embroidered graphic that represents the fall of IQ in people, after technology entered our world. Pants are big, comfortable and twisted around the legs: shoes are attatched to them


Outfit 4 consists in a cropped top, a ribs jumper without sleeves and a pair of quilted, digitally printed bermuda. The jumper has two bands, hanging from both the armholes, with a snap closure that you can close on the back. The bands help you keep a better posture, even if you are on the phone or compute!! The bermuda’s print represents the magnetic waves that a smartphone spreads when in the pocket. I infact decided that these pants should have no pockets, exactly because you shouldn’t put your phone in there.


Outfit 5 is composed by a tailored jacket, a shirt and a pair of pants, which have shoes attatched to them. The jacket and pants are made in a beautiful grey/green wool. The jacket has two bands that you can close together on the back, with a snap closure, to keep your posture straight. All the three garments in this outfit have a longer panel that wants to recall blankets, sheets and being comfortable wrapped in your clothes, as if you were still in your bed.


Outfit 6 is composed by a white jersey jumpsuit, a cropped trench coat and a long skirt, both made with a compact cotton. The jumpsuit is in white jersey that wraps around the whole body (it has no armholes, as the sleeves wrap around the arms), from the neck, to the feet. What seems an intere trench coat are instead 2 separated pieces: the upper jacket has a big hood and 2 very long and open sleeves. The skirt is high waist and closes on the front, with a snap closure. The lining is digitally printed, with green text and grey background (the same text of the “xanax dress”).

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