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Hardcore Arcore Alcuore by Robert Fioschi

What worries me is not Berlusconi himself but the Berlusconi in me. My father kept telling me this growing up. Deification or demonization. First God then Demon. Silvio, the only rockstar that ltaly con boast, has revolutionized in the right or­ most likely-the wrong politica! Communication, building frame after frame and double-breasted after double-breasted consensus and dissent. He used a visual approach and the construction of images instead of a moral or video­ logica! Compass. I consider this method quite similar to fashion. I firmly believe the best trigger for the creative process is strong contrasts and with due dedication-it. As the eternal and disillusioned ltalian that I am, I always seek these stimuli in the study of the history of my country and I believe that Silvio was, alas, the perfect embodiment of all those conflicts that each of us lives internally. Right or wrong, reality or fiction, but above all the eternai indecision of those who before the crossroads that separates the easiest road from the most compli­cate one always feel uncertain. lf all of this is ltaly, all of this is me. I reveal my research and reflections, but I prefer not to judge. I would rather let others do so by observing my work.

Outfit 1

Printed nylon puffer overshirt with "Che Guevara" tie. Printed pinstripe lycra dress and leggings. White heel of Terry socks. Printed "LOVE ITALY" puffer blanket.

Outfit 2

"VOTE!" cap. Trench gabardine scarf. Grey wool over blazer. Grey wool short with pinstripe popeline boxer. Cream tank top. College shoes.

Outfit 3

"PORCA ITALIA" over jumper. White and Pinstripe popeline overshirt. Pinstripe popeline boxer and wool trousers. Printed retro ski leggins. College shoes.

Outfit 4

Oversized pinstripe puffer. Printed retro sky jumpsuit. "SEUL CONTRO TOUS" jumper. College shoes.

Outfit 5

Oversized fur jacket. Oversized fur short. White heel of Terry socks.

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