Ginevra Allegri - Fashion Designer - @ginevra_allegri

Ginevra was born and raised in Florence, ltaly. Both her parents worked in the fashion field and she soon aeveloped her passion for art and fashion. The collection mainly consists in big, comfortable garments that cover the body and are somewhere draped like blankets do when we sleep. I also studied the world of orthopedic braes in their shapes and function-ality as I found them really interesting. In 2011 she attended an art high school, in Florence, where she improved her drawing skills and learned more about art in general. In 2016 she attended the Polimoda lnstitute, in fashion design. Here Ginevra finally started creating her own identity as a designer, th􀀄ough three main collections: the love collection (2018) , metamorphosis (2019); and lfler graduating collection "Happy in Jail" (2021), that was presented on Camera della Moda, on february 2021

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