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Di nuovo adolescente by Alice Baggio

"Di nuovo adolescente" is an ironic and sarcastic representation of adolescence. Alice wants to reveal the most embarrassing aesthetic canons of this age to create new humorous "uniforms" that express her vision of this generation. "Teenagers are like puppets who gesticulate unnaturally and ridiculously with all their imperfections. It's all about their world; from habits to the environment that surrounds them, in fact prints and details are inspired by the school world to which I belong." Alice says.


The look consists of a pleated waterproof hood with the overprinted map of Italy designed and colored by Alice in all its details. Under a shirt printed with the "dedications" and lace inserts. A fundamental accessory is the device that expresses the concept of these new humorous uniforms.


The look shows tailored trousers and jacket with a “dedication” embroidery on the pocket and lace inserts that refer to the school world by taking up the collars of aprons.


The look consists of a shirt combined with a skirt on which we both find folds that give movement and volume to the garment, also present here with lace details.


The look consists of a coat made up of wool rhombuses joined together one by one through the cut and sew and inserted when the lace is sewn. Part of the rhombuses are then hand embroidered with a weft reminiscent of the checkered print.


The look shows a suit of trousers and tailored jacket, both printed with hand-drawn squares that take up the idea of notebooks and then embroidered with dedications that recall the dedications of school yearbooks. The undershirt in white cotton has lace inserts. On the socks, which would like to recall the effect of the hair in a more aesthetic way, she has embroidered one by one of the black straw beads that give the idea of the concept.

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