Welcome to Deusland by Andrea Grossi

Andrea Grossi designed not only a collection but like in a video game, also bodies and characters. The project, named after the book Homo Deus, addresses 21st century problems such as social sustainability by putting our current world views in a historical perspective, especially the parallelism between Nazism and the church. “As an 18th century dress appears to be out of its own age and the rules, clothes and political choices of today could also be considered absurd and wrong in the future.”Fusing technology and craftsmanship with Tuscan and Umbrian leather goods, the collection is made using innovative laser cutting, embossing and bonding techniques with an added alternative denim fiber of low environmental impact. Through skin processing techniques Andrea reproduced the human body, face and skin muscles. In Deus Land man approaches being “God”; he creates himself and what surrounds him.


Digital printing of the body with 3D scanning. Leather hoods, Duchess coat, Lycra catsuit, leather hat and lycra shoes. Each piece is printed placed with the 3D scan of a human body that I have customized in my image and my liking.This dress is represented by the concept of "dressing myself".


Leather tattoo body made with laser corrosion and raised muscles. Flesh-colored leather jacket and pants made with laser corrosion to reproduce the idea of tattoo and with embossing to reproduce a hybrid between human muscle and typical protection of the DNA of the motorcycle biker. Under the jacket there is a mesh and a printed tulle machera placed with 3D body scan and tattoos. Below, leather camperos made with laser corrosion. This Outfit represents a hybrid between leather biker garments and the idea of creating the body and the surface that composes it.


Leather suit made with UV ray printing. Jacket, trousers inspired by the 18th century costume, bustier, gloves and shoes in real leather printed with 3D human body scan mixed with the Toile de Jouy artwork. This Outfit represents the union between the 18th century historical custome and the futuristic idea of being able to create your own body.


Coat with 18th century inspiration made with laser corrosion on top. Duchess outfit and lycra mask printed with 3D human body. Camperos painted below.


Shredded denim suit, jacquard knitwear on the top. Mask and "second skin" shirt printed in lycra. White Camperos with Toile de Jouy print.


Outfit inspired by the 18th century costume reinterpreted with contemporary and futuristic elements. The outfit consists of a trousers with a 1770 French structure in duchess printed with the toile artwork and a laser cut doubled with a reflective fabric. Above there is a bodice made of duchess with the same toile de jouy print. Durag in lycra printed as a hat. This Outfit wants to describe the setting of Deus Land, or a past, which reinterpreted wants to tell the near future.

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