Andrea Alchieri - Fashion Designer - @_alchiech_

Andrea was born in Milan on February 27, 1997. He has always had a strong passion for the world of painting and creative drawing handed down to him, almost as a tradition, thanks to the artistic DNA of his father’s family, specifically his grandfather. He is the one who transmitted to him his dedication to art and beauty in all its forms. She spent her childhood in her hometown, Milan, attending the hotel institute to deepen his passions, initially for cooking. He then began his career at the Istituto Marangoni Milano attending the Fashion Design course which led him to become passionate about the world of haute couture and deconstructivism. During his 2nd academic year he was selected for the VIEW. S competition launched by Zara where, together with four of his colleagues also selected, he developed a capsule collection for the brand and was subsequently selected to undertake an internship at the Zara style offices in Coruna where he spent some months working as a junior designer for the Woman line. During the 3rd academic year he was selected as a finalist for the Arts Of Fashion Foundation contest where he showed his capsule collection “Faceless” in France. Andrea graduated in February 2021 coming out as best 10 designers of the year with the Fashion Movie of “Admit One” collection hosted by Istituto Marangoni on Vogue talents and other online magazines. In the meantime, he had already started his internship at Fendi’s style office in Rome as a junior designer Woman. Andrea identifies himself as a crazy designer with his imperfect fashion, contaminated and at first glance confusing, in which all the passions and obsessions are clearly legible: fantastic stories, deconstructivism and melancholic settings. Every project he starts with the feeling that something fantastic is about to happen, the urgency of beauty, the charm of deconstructing and recomposing a garment, modifying its DNA as a perspective for the future and making things, in the eyes of others, impossible, possible.

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